Buying Pontoons and Supplies for Your Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boat supplies

Are you thinking that it’s time to perform a little refurbishing of your pontoon boat – giving it a practical and aesthetic update? With the many accessories and components available on the market, it’s easy to update your older pontoon boat and make it look brand new. Furniture, carpets, seats, and pontoon boat tops are readily available and easy to replace.

Adding new furniture can make a significant difference in the appearance and comfort of your pontoon boat, and there is a broad selection of furniture designs to select from. Pontoon boat furniture is now available in styles from classical to contemporary. If you can afford the cost, custom furniture can be made.

New carpeting also has a profound positive impact on an older boat’s appearance. The right choice of carpeting can actually set the mood of your guests, and certainly makes it more comfortable for those walking about the deck barefooted. With a new Bimini top gracing your boat, the craft will look as if it just came from the factory.

pontoon boat

Used Pontoon boat parts

Perhaps your once new and shiny pontoon boat is looking old. Perhaps you bought an older boat with the intent of upgrading it in the future. Either way, the components and accessories necessary to affect an update are readily available from local dealers and online retailers.
Pontoon boat furniture usually receives the most routine abuse and wear. Good quality replacement furniture is available online a quite reasonable prices. One particularly attractive and comfortable piece of furniture is the Wise plastic frame lounge seat. This lounge is made from mildew resistant and UV resistant marine grade vinyl that comes with white Maxx foam padding with a plastic moisture barrier.

Another desirable piece of furniture is the kidney-shaped pontoon pedestal table. This table is made of durable impact-resistant plastic, and will spruce up any pontoon boat. In fact, plastic frame pontoon furniture is made of heavy-duty construction and functional styling.
Economy flip-flop boat seats are also available online. The area under these seats can be used for storage. Its compression foam padding provides rugged comfort.

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Furniture is only one area where inexpensive improvements can be made. You can also add pontoon ladders, tables, seats with pedestals, special stereos, etc., to improve the appearance of your pontoon boat.

With good furniture, long stays on the boat can be quite comfortable. Update kits are available that include an inflatable tube and a life jacket for a quick safe swim in the middle of your day of cruising.

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