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Maintaining Your Pontoon Boat

Pontoon boats have become very popular with pleasure boaters. Most owners get their money’s worth by using their boats as often as possible, making it critically important that they receive routine and periodic servicing and maintenance throughout the year. While pontoon boats are relatively inexpensive to operate, routine maintenance can become costly, but nowhere near

Should My Pontoon Boat Be Made From Aluminum or Fibreglass?

Modern pontoon boats are manufactured using many materials in their construction: wood, plastic, cloth, steel, and aluminum, but the standard materials for the structural components that define the boat are aluminum and fiberglass. Pontoon boats are sometimes called “Party Boats”. They present many attractive features like ample number of extra rooms for stretching out or

Small Pontoons for Fishermen

Pontoon boats make excellent fly fishing boats. We’re not referring to the large party boats chartered for fishing, but small, compact one- or two-man pontoon boats that are designed specifically to meet the needs of sports fishermen. They are well designed for the task and quite comfortable. Fly fishing pontoon boats are typically small, usually

One-Man Pontoon Boats For Fishing

One man pontoon boats are generally designed for fishing and fly fishing. They have comfortable padded seats made from fine quality, heavy duty materials that will stand up to normal wear and tear for years. Rigid seat frames with a tall backrest provide comfort and enhance rowing leverage. One-man pontoon boats are equipped with several

You Can Build Your Own Pontoon Boat

Building Your Boat from Scratch Just lazing down the river with your family and friends on a boat seems the perfect holiday plan. Pontoon boats are the perfect vehicle for realizing this dream. Buying a new or used commercially manufactured pontoon boat, however, can be an expensive proposition. Some people love engineering challenges. They would

How To Build Your Own Pontoon Boat

Building your own pontoon boat should be easy right? It should be but there are a few things you have to consider before you start building. Before you start building your pontoon boat, select a position near the water for transferring the boat easier to the water once constructed. If it’s small enough you may

Build It Yourself Pontoon Boat Kits

Pontoon boat kits are not hard to put together and come with easy to follow instructions. The beauty of these kits is that they require no experience to put these kits together. If you are keen on boatbuilding then this will be the easiest boat you will build and you can choose from a number

Custom Design Your Pontoon Boat

Because the pontoon boat is so simple in its structure it can be custom built to whatever design you may decide on. The pontoon boat is a flat bottomed boat which means that floats are used to support its structure on smooth water. Pontoon boats are extremely useful as a fishing boat or for using