Electric Motors For Pontoon Boats

Pontoon boats have always been very popular. Recently, however, the popularity of these boats has increased markedly. Cruising in calm waters is something that almost every individual enjoys. Pontoon boats are also famously known as the party boats. Imagine having a small party right in the middle of a calm lake or having a cozy family tea while cruising. Many people choose Pontoon boats simply to enjoy a quiet casual boat ride. Pontoon boats are available in numerous types ranging from lightweight one man pontoon boats to large party boats packed with furniture, barbeque, and lighting. Motors are the most important component of the pontoon boat without one you’ll never leave the dock. Today, for small to medium sized boats, electric motors are fast becoming the preferred power source.

Electric boat motors

The electric pontoon boat motor is driven by electric batteries. An electric motor can propel your pontoon boat silently. The E-drive is an electric pontoon boat motor that delivers two-horsepower speed and is capable of moving the boat in heavy winds. In many areas, the waterways have restrictions on emission, speed and noise, so it is not always possible to use gasoline motors to propel your boat. An electric motor is the best alternative for powering your boat without creating too much noise. These motors use special Maximizer technology that provides you with maximum running time. These motors have an electronic throttle that can be mounted on binnacle or at the cockpit. The throttle lever is extremely responsive and it has forward, reverse, and neutral positions. This motor is available with a key lock out, real time battery gauge, and trim switch.electric mini pontoon boat

Electric pontoon boats

Newer electric pontoon boats with integrated electric motors are also available. Gone are the days when people had to paddle for long hours and end the day worn out. Electric pontoon boats are extremely efficient and one of the highlights of these boats is the fact that they are lightning fast. Many people love to speed around in the water. Most of these people are big fans of water sports. The electric pontoon boats are perfect if you wish to turn your fast boating fantasy into a reality. However, there are certain things that you need to look into before you decide to buy an electric pontoon boat.

First, consider the size of the boat. Make sure that you select one that is large enough for the number of guests that you anticipate having on the craft. Naturally, the bigger the boat, the more guests you can have, but don’t buy more boat than you need.

An electric pontoon boat can also be used with great effect for the purpose of fishing. Hence you need to also consider whether the boat you are choosing is a dedicated fishing model or a cruising model. You can also buy an electric pontoon boat which is a combination fishing and cruising boat. Once you have decided on a size for the boat, it’s time to determine what you need to power it.

One of the highlights of the electric pontoon boats is that the maintenance costs are quite low in comparison with some of the other boats that you might consider. The screws used to propel these types of boats are quite low in cost as compared to those used in many of the other boats types.

A second, and equally important consideration, is the selection of decking material. Most experts recommend that the decking material should be made up of either wood or aluminum, with wood being the preferred material.

Electric pontoon boats are readily available in the marketplace and online. The cost of these boats can varies depending upon a number of factors, the most important of which are boat size and motor power. Regardless of what type of electric pontoon boat you settle upon, with prudent shopping it could be the best deal you’ll ever make.

Electric trolling motors

Pontoon boat trolling motors are yet another useful type that helps to move your boat safely. These motors come with quick release brackets, quiet power battery indicators, and grip glide stow and deploy cool power. They feature small-mount footprint micro‑touch foot pedals and two unbreakable composite-shaft Maximizers that deliver more power. You can also enjoy the Integrated Impact protection system that allows variable forward and reverse speeds.

Electric motors used on pontoon boats are great for enjoying a nice cruising experience. They perform far beyond your expectations and you can rely on them even when there are strong winds. These motors are virtually maintenance free and they offer excellent performance for many years. They can be operated in all types of weather conditions. The electric motors make the pontoon boats ideal for fishing and water sports.

When planning to buy a trolling motor for your pontoon boat, it is advisable to check the following important things. Ensure that the motor has enough power to cruise and to provide backup power against wind. Check to ensure that the motor is convenient to operate. Shop around to find the motor that will provide you with the best running time and requires least amount of electricity. Good motor batteries should last for years, check out all the literature on their reliability. Also, if you sail in ocean water, make sure that the motor is rated for operation in salt water.

There are two types of pontoon boat trolling motors. One type is hand operated and the other is leg operated. The parts of a hand operated trolling motor consists of a tiller to control the direction of sailing and a shaft that holds the motor and propeller assembly securely beneath the water surface. The lower portion of the motor has a skeg facing the propeller blades. This pontoon boat motor, of course, runs on batteries. The leg operated trolling motor includes an electrical cable which connects the foot control pedal and the steering. A plug point is provided for the foot control pedal.

A popular model of pontoon boat trolling motor, called the Minn Kota Power Drive, comes with forty‑eight inch shaft and produces a thrust of fifty‑four pounds. This pontoon trolling motor has an ergonomically designed foot pedal along with a digital maximizer. It has a fast releasing bracket that is ideal for fishing in the pond. This trolling motor is reasonably priced and usually comes with accessories such as the portable battery charger and a Minn Kota Mk-110 onboard charger. This battery charger has one bank and produces current of five amps per bank. It gets charged in three stages like the bulk, absorption and maintenance and is completely automatic. The charger has a LED power display which emits light indicating four conditions such as charging, improper connection and power ON when the battery is fully charged. The battery charger has provisions that avoid reverse polarity and short circuiting.

Another popular model of salt water pontoon boat trolling motor, called Minn Kota Engine Mount Saltwater Trolling Motor, is ideal for fishing in the ponds and lakes. It has a single as well as dual composite mounting bracket that has properties similar to aluminum. The control module of this pontoon trolling motor is cased and sealed in aluminum housing to provide good protection against damage from water and extreme temperatures. It has an eighteen feet cord coated with saltwater resistant paint to avoid corrosion.

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