Getting The Right Pontoon Boat Cover For Your Pontoon

You know it makes sense to get a pontoon boat cover to keep your pontoon weatherproof if youre storing it outdoors, or dust, dirt and grime proof if youre storing it in a garage, but there are a lot of choices for pontoon boat covers so which one do you get to protect your pontoon during the winter when you wont be using it?

Before you decide which pontoon boat cover to buy, you need to consider some basic points

pontoon boat cover

Which Size Pontoon Boat Cover?

Do you just want to get a universal pontoon boat cover, which will fit almost all sizes of pontoon, but will require you to tie it down each time, or do you want a boat cover which is specific to your size of boat? If you decide to go with a specific size of pontoon cover, youll need to go and check the size of your pontoon, in feet, because the ranges of boat covers is quite small. For example, theres 17 ft. to 20 ft. Pontoon Boat Covers, 21 ft. to 24 ft. Pontoon Boat Covers and 25 ft. to 28 ft. Pontoon Boat Covers.

Pontoon Boat Seat Cover

Which Fabric Pontoon Boat Cover?

In addition to deciding on universal or specific size, you also want to consider the fabric of the pontoon cover. Polyester covers are the toughest and best at repelling water, but canvas is, erm, more expensive and looks better. I guess youll have to decide which type of fabric youd like, but Id be happy saving some cash and getting the toughest, best water-repellant type. 🙂

Prices for pontoon boat covers range dramatically, but the best value I found was the Classic Accessories Hurricane Pontoon BoatCover for boats 17 to 20 feet long, which you can get delivered from in just a few days.

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