How Much Performance Can I Expect From My Pontoon Boat?

Improving the performance of your pontoon boat by the addition of a third tube also allows for the installation of a hydraulic steering system as well as the tube performance kit.

Performance pontoon boats are designed to increase both the speed and stability of your boat and you can enjoy many activities such as fishing, tubing, skiing or just having a relaxing evening. Because they are constructed with top quality materials they are not only stylish and offer superior performance but they can withstand exposure to the sun and water for many years. They are considered to be the safest of the pontoon boats available because of the multiple chambers which are separated by bulkheads.

Pontoon Boat

Because of the addition of a third tube, the boat actually floats higher on the water and actually glides above the waves instead of crossing through them which reduces friction. This does not require any more horsepower than you would use with a pontoon boat which has two tubes.

As well as improving the performance of the boat it also increases the fuel economy because less friction means less work for the boat, which in turn decreases the use of fuel. Because of the addition of the extra tube, the underside is covered entirely with aluminum which hides the cross members, and this is another way of eliminating another source of friction and once again increases fuel economy.

A three tube pontoon boat which has a fitted hydraulic steering system is much easier for turning and docking the boat. If the middle tube is greater in diameter then it will significantly improve the performance of your pontoon boat when making turns.

Pontoon Boat

You can have an optional 34 gallon fuel tank built into the central third tube which also increases the balance and the cruising range of the pontoon. This will make even more room for storage as it eliminates the need for the tank to be housed underneath the sundeck. The addition of a third tube improves the stability of the pontoon. Because the third tube increases contact with the water at the centre of the craft, waves pitch and surge effect is almost eliminated. Having a pontoon boat equipped with three tubes increases the load and power capacities of your pontoon boat.

These high performance pontoon boats are packed with luxurious fittings and modern amenities which will allow the whole family to enjoy their pontoon boat experience.

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