How To Build Your Own Pontoon Boat

Building your own pontoon boat should be easy right? It should be but there are a few things you have to consider before you start building. Before you start building your pontoon boat, select a position near the water for transferring the boat easier to the water once constructed. If it’s small enough you may be able to move it with a trailer or if it’s large it would be better to build it on the water. You need to know how many people youre going to have on your pontoon boat so that you can judge the size that you require.

build it yourself pontoon boat

Work out how many people youre going to have on the boat and work with an average size of approximately 200lbs per person. Dont forget to add the weight of the gear youre going to be carrying on board your boat, for example a 24 inch tube holds 180lbs per foot times the length. So for a 24 inch diameter 20 foot boat it will hold approximately 3558lbs when half the pontoons are immersed in water.

Work out the size of the deck and the tubes you will need to work out what size motor you are planning to attach to it. If you are considering a big motor then heavy duty transoms are available or you may prefer a centre pod. Draw a plan of how you want to lay out your deck. Do you want to use the rear deck for a swimming platform or are you going to use the pontoon boat primarily for fishing? What about adding a ladder for swimming? Having a ladder to climb back onto the deck is a great advantage. Dont forget to draw in your railing configurations and include where you want your doors.

Pontoon boats can be as simple as having a platform with plastic barrels attached to each end, or you may go for something more elaborate such as a houseboat. Most pontoon boats come with a platform plus a convertible top and bench seating for 6 to 8 people. Some are so elaborate that they also include a pop up dining table and are fitted with barbecue grills.

The structure of the deck should be simple in design and able to hold the number of people you want onboard all being seated. Composite decking is much simpler to build rather than timber, because this will reduce the cost of building your pontoon boat. Using fiberglass provides extra toughness for your deck. Using wood and recycled plastics can be a great combination in building your boat.

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