How to Determine Which Type of Pontoon Boat You Need

There are many different types of pontoon boats, so before you buy you have to consider what purpose you need it for. Is it for family pleasure or would you rather go fishing alone?

Some of the types available are:

4 Pontoon Boats

§ Aluminum – these boats are very strong and durable ensuring your safety. Aluminum is lightweight ensuring a great performance from your boat and is dent resistant. Because of it being lightweight, it also helps in reducing fuel consumption. This is an excellent boat for families.

§ Electric – these boats are very efficient and are known for being lightning fast on the water. If you like water sports then the electric pontoon boat is for you. Choose the best size boat for the number of people you’ll have on it. Only choose a big boat if you’re expecting to have a lot of people on it. The maintenance costs for an electric pontoon boat are significantly lower than some other boats you’re looking at.

§ Fly Fishing – the one or two man pontoon boats are ideal for fly fishing as they are considered to be the most efficient and comfortable for the purpose of fishing. The fly fishing pontoon boats are generally smaller and it was only in the 1980’s that pontoon boats were first used for fishing.

§ Inflatable Fishing Boats – they are also known as belly boats because you alight from them above the waterline and the oars are highly maneuverable. They also prevent the need for using boat trailers or ramps. If you need the boat for fishing, then you must make sure that it has a stable hard floor to allow the fisherman to stand firmly on the deck. The really serious fisherman will also want plenty of storage for his bait and tackle, as well as room for the days’ catch. You can also add custom features such as rod holders, mounting apparatus for a motor and an anchor system.

§ Mini Pontoon Boats – these boats have all the characteristics of a regular sized pontoon boat but are much smaller in size. There is usually enough space for a maximum of two people. These boats are extremely popular and can be used in so many different depths of water from puddles, rivers, lakes and calm seas. These pontoon boats can be purchased by a wider range of people because of their affordability. Because of their low cost and comfort, they are very suitable for fishermen.

§ Fiberglass – very cost effective with durability and toughness as a bonus. Fiberglass boats come in many designs, colors and shapes. If you want to use your fiberglass pontoon boat as a fishing boat, then you need to decide whether or not you want to fish from a speed boat or would you rather use it to fish for bass which hide in the reeds. Before you buy your boat decide if you want to use it for fishing because some boats will not accommodate a large motor.

Pontoon Boat

All it takes is a bit of homework to ensure that you purchase the right boat for you.

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