Mini Pontoon Boats

Finding the right boat for your needs is the aim of your exercise. One boat that is not considered enough is the mini pontoon boat.

A miniature pontoon boat is usually less than 12 feet in length and they have two sponsons (the tubes that the pontoons platform rests on) and they are usually aluminum, but could also be made from plastic or wood. They are generally powered by electricity or gas.

Mini pontoon boats are great for slow water boating in small rivers, streams or larger lakes providing there is no wind or no water currents. You sit on an elevated platform on the boat and it moves along silently. If you want a relaxing experience on the water then the mini pontoon is for you. Fishing from a mini pontoon boat is very comfortable and has the same stability as a small boat or canoe. Entering shallow waters is easy and your fishing equipment can be stored easily on the six foot by eight foot platform.

Mini Pontoon Boats

A motorized mini pontoon boat can be powered by electricity or gas. An on board battery charger can simply be re-charged when you return to port, so it’s a very simple method. A fully charged battery will keep you on the water for at least six years or more. Powering your mini pontoon boat with gas is an added advantage if you require more thrust to deal with the winds. A mini pontoon boat may not be aesthetically attractive, but it is low cost, lightweight, environmentally friendly, low maintenance and stable, so it will serve your purposes very well.

There are quite a number of mini pontoon boat manufacturers out there so make sure that you pick someone reputable. The design and welds in the craft are first class as are the fittings. If the manufacturer is reputable they will stand behind their product and may offer free trials and money back guarantees. Some manufacturers will also offer free shipping and handling. Also ask if they supply a warranty. Any or all of these additions will almost guarantee that you are dealing with someone reputable.
Mini pontoon boats are suitable for a trip to a small island or drop anchor in calm waters to go for a swim. Because the boat is flat and stable they are great to jump off and dive from. There is a lot storage on these boats and this has made them a great vessel to use for fishing and bringing the whole family onboard.

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