Must Have Pontoon Accessories Anchors

If you own one of the larger pontoon boats, there are certain components or accessories that you must have and that you must keep in good repair. These important accessories are needed to ensure proper operation of the boat and the safety of the passengers. These accessories are: one or more anchors, adequate ladders, and serviceable pontoon boat railings.

Pontoon boat anchors

You can’t safely or predictably park your boat away from the dock, especially in moving water, without good anchors. Pontoon boats set high in the water and tend to easily swing in the wind. Two anchors are recommended for securing the boat in position. With one anchor alone, the boat will remain in the vicinity of the anchor, but will drift around it. With two good serviceable anchors in place, you and your guests can swim, fish, or generally relax without worrying about drifting off into danger.

Anchors are not just heavy weights. Pontoon boat anchors are products of modern engineering technology. They are light weight, usually made of an aluminum-magnesium alloy, and quite durable. Some heavier designs are fabricated from stainless steel.
High quality anchors are easy to find either at dealerships or online. One excellent selection is the Outcast Pyramid anchor which is available with the attaching rope at the Outcast online store. This anchor is made from corrosion resistant steel and is shipped with a solid braided polypropylene rope. This anchor is guaranteed to secure your boat on the windiest of days.

Select an anchor without sharp edges to prevent damage to your boat. The weight of the anchor depends, in part, on the length of your boat and the profile it presents to the wind. If your pontoon boat is from eight to ten feet long, a twelve-pound anchor is recommended. For a boat between eleven and thirteen feet long, a twenty-pound anchor is appropriate. If you boat is longer than thirteen feet, a thirty-pound anchor should do the job. Another option is to select a grapnel style anchor. They are light weight, and simple to use.

Good quality high performance anchors will work well even among rocks, mud, and weeds, enabling you to fish away from your boat with the knowledge that it is securely anchored.

The heavier the anchor, the better it will be to have a winch capable of pulling it up. One good reliable device is a Class 24 pontoon boat anchor winch, which is good for use on boats up to twenty-four feet long. This winch is capable of lifting anchors that weigh up to thirty-two pounds.

Pontoon boat anchors can be used in mild flowing water. It is advisable to deploy the anchor when the boat is facing straight down stream. Anchoring in fast water takes a special skill and judgment. If you are not sure about the river’s flow rate, it would be prudent to avoid using the anchor.

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