Must Have Pontoon Accessories Ladders

Pontoon boat ladders

All boats of any size need ladders. Pontoon boats are no exception. Without one or more good ladders, boarding a pontoon boat can be a dangerous challenge for all but the most nimble and surefooted. If you take friends and relatives cruising or fishing, you’ll have passengers of all ages. Some will be young and reckless, and some will be older with the infirmities of age. Good pontoon boats ladders will make it easy for them to board your boat safely.Pontoon Boat Ladders

Be very careful when selecting a pontoon boat ladder. Poor quality can lead to accidents. The ladder’s rigidity and sturdiness are most important. Weight capacity is also critical. Make sure that every ladder on your craft is rated to handle the heaviest guest that you ever expect board.

If you are selecting a ladder to be used for boarding the boat from in the water, make sure that the ladder extends far enough into the water to enable a swimmer to place his feet on the ladder without pulling his body out of the water with his arms.

Pontoon Ladders

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