One Man Pontoon Boats

Many rivers have been seen as being inaccessible but now with the advent of pontoon boats this is made so much easier. These boats are so versatile and maneuverable. Pontoon boats come in many shapes and sizes and are very suitable for use as a one-person boat.

Before you choose your one man pontoon boat consider things such as price, durability, size, construction, stability and portability. They no longer have to fish in areas of high traffic because these boats are very easy to maneuver in areas not regularly seen by most fishermen.

inflatable pontoon boat

How much money are you willing to spend on your boat? Prices can range from a couple of hundred dollars for a small version for beginners to several thousand dollars for one which will hold a lot more people and have all the added extras. Prices will vary but one thing you will have to consider is whether an anchor or a pump is included in the price. It doesnt matter if your budget is relatively small as these boats have been very well constructed.

The next consideration is the material you want to build your boat from and style of pontoon boat you require. The heavier the pontoon material the more hard-wearing the boat will be, so many pontoons are made with an interior bladder of PVC and have an outer cover. If your plans are to fish in still water youll want to buy a flat style pontoon but if youre fishing in moving water you will need a river style pontoon with the ends turned up.

The frame in the pontoon boat gives it a rigid composition and provides support the anglers seek, so choosing the right material for the frame is most important. The frames are either made from aluminum or steel with aluminum frames considered to be the most popular because they are tough, lightweight and rust free. A pontoon boat which uses a three-piece frame which uses clips will be assembled much quicker and get you out on the water as soon as possible. A frame which is bolted together takes longer to assemble but they do give the most rigid and strongest support frame.

inflatable pontoon boats

You’ll want to inflate the pontoons as quickly as possible so buying a high capacity double action pump to inflate them will get the job done. Once youve assembled your pontoon a few times it should only take you between 15 to 20 minutes to assemble.

Because of their portability the one man pontoon boats will easily fit into your cars’ trunk. The more pieces your pontoon boat has the more it will break down into a smaller size. Sometimes you dont have easy access to water so because these boats are so lightweight and can be carried short distances, it makes it easier for you to launch your boat at the waters edge.

One man pontoon boats open up more possibilities for you, so why not consider buying one of these very portable pontoon boats. Make sure that you have a manufacturers warranty in place. Because these boats are so user-friendly they will give you years of service providing you maintain them properly. You can fish anywhere you like in these fantastic one man pontoon boats but you should always implement extreme caution when entering any such waterways.

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