Optional Pontoon Boat Accessories

Pontoons boats are flat bottomed boats, defined by the round, cylindrical floatation devices called pontoons. These boats are popular because they are extremely easy to use. They are also less costly than other boat types and less expensive to insure. Because of their shallow draft, they seldom incur damage from underwater obstacles and virtually never run aground. These boats have become favorites for both cruising and fishing.

As with any popular vehicle, manufacturers have created a wide variety of accessories for these pontoon boats. Some of these accessories are critical to boat operation and safety such as ladders and anchors, but the majority are created simply to decorate or add a touch of luxury to the craft.

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One particularly nice-to-have accessory, although some would consider it a necessity, is a boat top, also called Bimini top, to protect you and your guests from direct sunlight or rain. Another nice-to-have is excellent lighting to extend you day of pleasure into the late evening. Other nice-to-have accessories include grills, cooler boxes, even pool tables, if your pontoon boat is large enough. These accessories are perfect if you want to anchor out in the water and simply relax and enjoy with friends and family. Just imagine cruising for a while, going for a relaxing swim, and then firing the grill up to enjoy some excellent food with family and friends.
Use cooler boxes to ensure your drinks stay chilled while you are busy, ensuring that you can get a cold one when you want it. You can add folding lounge chairs to your on-boat accessories and sit back with that cold beverage to watch the sunset. If you have children that cruise with you, you can even install children’s slides to let them work off some of their youthful energy.

pontoon boat

The Benefits of a Boat Cover / Bimini Top

Sailing is great stress buster. A peaceful sail on a nearby lake or river can be just the right tonic for your tired mind and body. When you start a family cruise early in the morning, the sun feels invigorating on your face. But later on in the afternoon that sunlight becomes the enemy. You’re sweating, hot, and beginning to sunburn. This is the moment when those boaters who do not have a boat cover realize that it is time to buy one.

Good pontoon boat covers protect both the boat and the occupants from exposure to the damaging effects of a hot and burning sun. The direct rays of the sun can cause deteriorating damage to any boat in the long run, and we all know what damage it can cause for people: short-term sunburns and long-term skin cancer. These covers also protect boat and boaters from taking a miserable cruise in the pouring rain.

The type and size of the boat cover that you buy is, of course, directly related to how much cover you can afford. Boat tops are available that will cover only a small section of the boat. Others are designed to cover the entire boat. Either one is a definite help, but most expert boaters highly recommended that you go for the full length covers. Most pontoon boat covers are made using rugged polyester materials. Canvass tops are also quite durable. Installing a pontoon boat cover for your boat is similar to providing a car port for your automobile. It’s excellent protection.

The Benefits of Boat Lighting

The enjoyment of your pontoon boat need not end when the sun goes down, but it will if you do not have good boat lighting. Today’s pontoon boat lights are quite technologically advanced. They greatly improve the boat’s aesthetics, and definitely enhance the cruising experience during the evening hours. Some pontoon boat lighting is designed to be hidden underneath the seats to remain unobtrusive during the day time. Other lights can be concealed in the stairs on the boat. Most of these concealed lighting fixtures are designed to be virtually unbreakable. Pontoon boat lights create a comfortably bright and soothing atmosphere for evening cruising. These lights enhance passenger safety and avoid accidents like tripping and falling into the water. Some pontoon boat lights create a romantic effect. These models resemble candles which create a romantic atmosphere on land during special occasions like a candlelight dinner.

One exquisite model of the pontoon boat light has a fixed base with an eight- to ten-foot long pole over which a 10-watt bulb is secured. This type of light evenly illuminates the surrounding area. This model is a perfect accessory for pontoon boats having a length of up to forty feet. These lights, which have been designed to be water tight, have shades made of corrosion resistant materials. The smooth contours of pontoon boat lights make them impact resistant. These lights come with all the necessary mounting screws and brackets. All pontoon boat lights should conform to the requirements of the US Inland Navigation Rules and regulated standards as formulated by the US Coast Guard.

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