Pontoon Boat Design, Ratings, and Values

Pontoon boat design

A pontoon boat is a special type that consists of a flat bottom over which a structure called the raft rests. The raft provides a surface for seating and other accessories. This raft floats by means of thoroughly sealed PVC pipes, fully closed barrels, or fully closed metal boxes. The raft is securely fixed to the floating agents or pontoons so that the pontoon boat is well balanced in the water. Pontoon boats don’t simply happen, each one requires a plan, whether formal or not, that describes the boat’s design before construction begins. The design may be as simple in concept as a catamaran, which has two rows of pontoons, or a trimaran, which has three rows of pontoons, or as complicated as an industrial pontoon boat. Such boats are usually powered by gasoline or electric motors of ratings up to 200 horsepower. Good boat designs emphasize stability, ease of handling, quality, and safety.

Pontoon Boats

While heavy commercial pontoon boats are an important component of the market, most pontoon boat designs are directed at the pleasure boater or the weekend fisherman. Designers have met these varied needs with many excellent pontoon boat designs from small single seaters to huge family-size houseboats.
Some pontoon boat designs are designed with a complete enclosure for privacy, while others come with partial-closures for protection from the sun and rain. Some have wide open decks for those who like to sunbath during the day and enjoy relaxation under the stars in the evening. Modern pontoon boats are equipped high powered engines and are used in water sports like pontoon boat racing and water skiing.

Pontoon boat ratings

Pontoon boats are rated based upon performance and customer satisfaction. The performance of pontoon boats is evaluated by taking eight factors into account: cabin, helm, design, styling, ride and handling, sound system, water sports, and fishing. If you’re in the market for a pontoon boat, study the ratings to see which boats offer the greatest benefit to you. Most of the boat manufacturers strive for good customer satisfaction. That’s where repeat business lies. Currently the major pontoon boat manufacturer ratings are: Bennington in the top position followed by Manitou. Bennington boats are excellent. They have convenient floor plans, camper like enclosures, vinyl flooring, and chaise lounges with plenty of storage space. Larger Bennington boats can accommodate up to seventeen passengers, making it a great boat for family outings. Bennington is also recognized for quality construction, comfortable seating, elegant interior appeal, and detailed appointments.

Pontoon Boats
Bennington receives top ratings for ride and handling as well, and is an award winner for customer satisfaction. The quality and reliability are crucial aspects to give pontoon boat rating. If the customer experiences fewer problems with the boat, then it is considered best. Bennington pontoon boats are some of the quietest boats in the market. The ostrich skin textured seats in these boats grant ultimate comfort. The smoothly designed spaces let you enjoy a great family outing.

Pontoon boat values

Pontoon boats represent an investment in family entertainment, and can be a business as well as recreational asses. They can be used for fishing, cruising, playing or exploring. They present an excellent platform for several water sports. It is always advisable to buy pontoon boats from reputed manufacturers, as they use high quality material and the state-of-the-art technology to build the boat. Pontoon boats are available in various models to suit the budget of all. They offer a safe way to enjoy excellent outdoor fun. The one man pontoon boats have real value for your money, as they are quite handy vessel for enjoying unplanned solo trip in any of your favorite waterways. Some models of pontoon boats are family friendly, while some others are travel-friendly.

Pontoon Boats

If you are careful and do your research, you can save money and find excellent value by purchasing a used vote. Compare prices online to find the best deal. Some used pontoon boats are well maintained and clean, so they offer more value that exceeds its price. It is worth to buy the used pontoon boats from owners, owner’s dealers, or brokers. It is also prudent to buy the top brand pontoon boats to get superior performance and smooth ride. If you can afford to the cost, pay, you can go for new pontoon boats available in numerous models. Ensure that your selected pontoon boat complies with industry standards as well as construction standards set by the national Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). Buying a pontoon boat certified by NMMA ensure greater value.

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