Pontoon Boat Furniture, Carpeting And Accessories

Pontoon boats have become increasingly popular with the boating community. They have long been known as great fishing boats, but have also gained great popularity as the preferred boats for cruising. These cruising-style pontoon boats are now provided with some great furniture options and accessories.

Pontoon boat furniture

The type and quality of pontoon boat furniture varies from boat to boat and, naturally, depends upon the cost of the boat. There are, however, certain characteristics of pontoon boat furniture that are common amongst all pontoon boat types. Family sized pontoon boats are also very famously known as party pontoons, in recognition that these boats are typically used for family outings and parties. These pontoon boats have very strong decks, and can support a greater selection of furniture and accessories. The most common and noticeable permanent accessory on these boats is the railing that surrounds the deck of the boat to provide protection for occupants. If you own a low-end inexpensive pontoon boat, you will most probably not get a lot of furniture. The only furniture that is traditionally used on these basic boats, are simple chairs used for general seating.

pontoon boat

If you happen to be fortunate enough to own a more expensive deluxe pontoon boat, you will undoubtedly have significantly more furniture. Rather than simple chairs for seating, these boats will most probably have some configuration of built-in seating. These typical high-end boats will probably have toilets, dining tables, and refrigeration or coolers. One particularly desirable accessory, especially if you have frequent guests or parties on your boat, is a boat canopy, awning, or enclosure. With one of these protective accessories, you don’t have to worry about the hot and bright sun or the surprise shower of rain. Another important essential pontoon boat accessories are boat ladders. These ladders enable you and your guests to get into and out of the pontoon boat when the boat is docked and even when it is in the middle of the lake or river and you feel like going for a swim. Most pontoon boats are supplied with adequate furniture options by the manufacturer. There are times, however, when you might feel like buying an additional piece of furniture to suit some specific need. When necessary, furniture can be found in local dealerships or on the Internet.

Pontoon boat tables

The cruising experience can be enhanced greatly by having a table available around which passengers can sit and talk as they enjoy their cruise. You can build your own table from scratch of using a kit, or you can choose one from a varied selection of ready-made tables designed especially for pontoon boats.
One popular model is the White Octagonal Table which is easy to assemble and can be quickly setup. It can be used in all types of boats. The table top accessories of this pontoon boat table are generally octagonal or rectangular in shape. The top is made of molded high-impact plastic which provides greater durability and is highly resistant to salt water, sunrays, and cleansers. Another style is the burl wood table which is both useful and beautifully decorative. These tables come with two stainless steel cup holders places at opposite corners. The tables are constructed from high-impact plastic which is easily cleaned. The table legs have a stainless semi-flush base mounting which can be attached to the deck. The Wise round pontoon table is stunningly beautiful. It is injection molded with rolled edges, and is designed with four integrated cup holders. These tables are ideal for enjoying cocktails or for playing cards games. The table top is made of heavy-duty plastic which provides great strength and durability. Another beautifully designed table is the Toonmate pontoon boat table. It is a white colored kidney shaped table top with a pedestal. Similar to the burl wood styled Toonmate table, it is made of easy to clean high-impact plastic molding. It has a sequoia table leg mounting system which securely mounts on the deck. The Toonmate swivel type pontoon boat table can be mounted securely on the corners of the pontoon boat deck.

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Pontoon boat carpets

One often overlooked accessory is carpeting. Pontoon boat carpets are traditionally characterized by two familiar types: dots and sculptured. Both types are designed to be glued down to the deck. Most of these carpets come in 8-1/2 inch widths, so they can be easily installed in your boat. They offer a reliable performance for years. These carpets are available in several colors including gray, sand, burgundy, and blue. Textured pontoon boat carpets are recognized for their durability, cost effective performance, and beautiful looks. These carpets have a mixture of looping fibers that offer a classic Berber carpet-like appearance. They are carefully made with polypropylene yarn, are water and stain resistant, and are UV resistant. These carpets have rubber backing, which helps to resist rotting in damp conditions. They are easily cleaned using household detergent and warm water. The sculptured pontoon boat carpets are available in standard 8-1/2 inch widths. They are very thick and robust, and are one of the most luxurious pontoon boat carpets available in the market. They are manufactured with UV resistant, weather proof polypropylene, they give wonderful performance for many years. They can withstand rain, sun, and spray. These carpets are offered in four colors: tan, burgundy, light blue, and gray. They can be washed with detergent and warm water. One final carpeting option is 16-ounce marine carpet, a high-quality synthetic carpet. These carpets are UV resistant and resistant to mold and mildew. They have great stain resistance capacity. These carpets are available in green, tan, black, burgundy, red, and gray. These carpets grant superior value for many years and they require very little maintenance only. Some can even buy a carpeting kit which includes sculptured pontoon boat carpet, marine grade adhesive, 1/8 inch notched trowel to spread the glue and stainless steel fence bolts to secure your railing

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