Sea Eagle 285, 440, 375, Inflatable Pontoon Boats

We have recently been writing about the excellent Sea Eagle range of inflatable pontoon fishing boats, so we thought wed point you to the various boats available in the range.

The smallest is the 285 FPB Frameless Pontoon Boat. You can get this excellent little (9 foot and 42 lbs) inflatable boat for a fraction of the cost of a full-blown fishing boat with trailer. Check out our full review for more details.

Pontoon Boat

The other two inflatable pontoon boats are called Foldcats because they come with a patented folding frame. The 375 Foldcat inflatable pontoon boat is for one or two people whereas the 440 FoldCat blow-up pontoon boat is for three or four. Again, the boats are easy to transport because they dont require a trailer. Even better, at the fishing destination, they assemble in just 5 minutes. Check out our reviews of the 375 and 440 Sea Eagle foldcat boats for more details.

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