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Sea Eagle 375fc Fold Cat Pro Angler

The 375fc (foldcat) from Sea Eagle is one of the best pontoon boats available on the market today. It has an incredible patented folding frame, which means you can fold it up and put it in the back of your truck, then just unfold it wherever you want to use it. You don’t need an expensive trailer to drag your pontoon along behind your truck. Inflation and assembly time when you reach your fishing point is just 5 minutes.

It also has a “full floor” between the two large, inflatable pontoons, so you have more useable “floor space” than with other boats and won’t lost anything you happen to drop, unlike pontoons that don’t have a floor. The Foldcat 375fc is incredibly stable when compared to hard hull boats because of the 4-foot wide beam, so you can fish (or relax) safely.

In fact, the Foldcat seaeagle 375 is such a good pontoon, it was rated at 9.7 out of 10 by the North American Fishing Club!

The 375fc deluxe package comes with two swivel seats, two quick release seat mounts, a foot pump, two rod holders, two super strong oars & oarlocks, a built-in motormount for gas & electric motors, a nylon hull carry bag and a repair kit, all with a 3-year warranty as standard.

With the “Pro Angler” package you get more equipment such as a storage bag and a swivel seat pedestal. With the “Motor” package you get a Minn Kota CL28 motor. With the “Ultimate” package you get a Torqeedo Electric Motor, two pedestals for the seats and a casting bar.

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You even get 180 days (that’s about 6 months!) to try the SeaEagle Foldcat 375fc and can return it during that time for a refund if you’re not satisfied. That’s a really bold guarantee, which means they must really think the Fold Cat is a top-notch product!

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