Should My Pontoon Boat Be Made From Aluminum or Fibreglass?

Modern pontoon boats are manufactured using many materials in their construction: wood, plastic, cloth, steel, and aluminum, but the standard materials for the structural components that define the boat are aluminum and fiberglass. Pontoon boats are sometimes called “Party Boats”. They present many attractive features like ample number of extra rooms for stretching out or taking a group of people for a ride. These boats are easily customized to specific needs, and come in various models. Some pontoon boats are designed for fishing, others for cruising, and some have a dual purpose.

There are an extensive variety of uses for a pontoon boat. The biggest perk is that it can accommodate lot more people than most other types of boats. There are lots of accessories available that can decorate your pontoon boat to personalize it for your use. You can have bench seating all around the sides of the boat, in rows, or just use lawn furniture and tables. Adding a camper attachment can make most pontoon boats appropriate for spending a night on board. Attaching a bimini top makes your pontoon boat ready for an afternoon’s cruise with family and friends by providing shade from the hot sun.

Pontoon Boats

Aluminum Pontoon boats

Aluminum pontoon boats are very strong and safe. Aluminum is an excellent material for boat construction and is dent resistant. It is lightweight, so you can get greater performance. The light weight of the boat also helps in reducing fuel consumption. Aluminum pontoon boats are tough and can withstand all types of calamities. When it becomes necessary, it is also very easy to make repairs to an aluminum boat.

Some superior quality aluminum pontoon boats, such as those manufactured by Southland, come with a third tube package. It has aluminum plates in between the tubes that help to deliver smooth handling and stability, ensuring you a comfortable ride. This boat includes a high performance aluminum motor that is engineered for efficiency and for enhanced support. You can enjoy a luxurious cruising experience in this class of pontoon boat.

Another well liked aluminum pontoon boat, the Fisher Liberty 180, is equipped with most desireable amenities. It is beautifully designed to give plenty of room for family and guests to move around. It boasts of an L-shaped aft lounge, two bow couches, padded aft sundeck, and under seat storage. The new Sirius capable AM/FM/CD with MP3 jack lets you enjoy your favorite music in this opulent atmosphere. The boarding ladder, cooler and color keyed polyester Bimini top enhance your convenience while cruising.

The Fisher Liberty 200 is yet another pontoon boat constructed with heavy-duty aluminum. It also features an L-lounge, starboard bow couches and entertainment center. The pop up changing room, MP3 jack, 36-quart cooler and removable table help to increase your comfort. The 510 series aluminum pontoon boats are ideal for fishing and cruising. They are the most stable mini-pontoon boats available in the marketplace. They are constructed of rigid aluminum and marine grade flooring, and promise enduring performance. The lightweight material used in these boats make it easy to load and dock. You can power it with either a gas or an electric motor. It moves swiftly in shallow water. You can use it for enjoying recreational activities like fishing, swimming, sunbathing or hunting at any of your favorite waterways.
Aluminum party pontoon boats are offered for sale in the online store. These party boats come with an abundance of luxurious features. The standard features of these boats include Bimini tops, switched lights, open bottom front gate for bow mount front motor, and a flush mount transom for rear gas or electric motor.
Cruise 14 feet aluminum pontoons boast of two roto molded luxurious front couches with under seat storage area. You can keep your fishing rod or any small things in that area safely. It also features full height fenced deck that provides safety for small children.

Most of the pontoon boat manufacturers use aluminum, as it is a very light weight material and it does not rust at all. As there are several grades of aluminum, it is advisable to check which grade is used to design the boat, before planning to buy. This is particularly important, if you are intended to use your pontoon boat in freshwater.

Pontoon Boats

Fiberglass pontoon boat

Fiberglass pontoon boats are great and cost effective vessels with long-lasting durability and toughness. Maintenance of the fiberglass pontoon boats is easy. These boats come in many shapes, sizes, and designs to suit the fancy of any boater. As there are so many options to select from, the biggest difficulty with fiberglass boats is determining what to look for.

It’s important to determine exactly what you are looking for in a boat. Many boats are multi purpose. Some people, however, have particular requirements and expectations, and it is essential that they choose a fiberglass pontoon boat that best suits their needs. It may be possible to fish from a speedboat, but if your aim is to do bass fishing in the reeds, then the low-draw of a bass boat would be the more suitable choice. Most fishing boats cant provide accommodation for large motors that are necessary for high-speed boating. So before going for fiberglass pontoon boat shopping, its important that you decide what you have in mind when you’re boating, and to buy accordingly.

The most important thing that you need to satisfy is your budget. If a new boat is too expensive, there are used boats available, which are good and may suit your needs and budget. If you wish to buy a used boat, make sure to check it over carefully. If if possible take it for a test run. Boats that have been in storage for a while often have hidden leaks or cracks in the hull. These are the areas to be checked carefully while buying a used fiberglass pontoon boat. You should know the purpose for which the earlier owner used it and whether he experienced any problems with the boat. Instead of having this hassle you can buy a new fiberglass pontoon boat. But make sure that the new boat you are buying is free of manufacturing defects and it suits your requirements and budget. Just be sure that you have storage space in your fiberglass pontoon boat and equipment to keep it in tip-top shape. If you take care of your new boat, itll be there for you for years.

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