The Importance Of Pontoon Boat Seats

Pontoon boats are fast becoming one of the most popular types of pleasure boats on the water today. The marketplace offers an abundant assortment of models to suit the taste of every boater. They have become popular because they are just plain fun to ride in, and they can be easily customized to conform to each owner’s boating image. There are few activities that can match the enjoyment of a leisurely cruise down a peaceful river or ocean bay with friends, except perhaps for a quiet day of fishing. Pontoon boats, while simple in concept and operation, are complex assemblies with many parts contributing to the craft’s performance and comfort. These boats are designed for use mainly for sailing and fishing, activities that require long periods of sitting with little opportunity to walk around and stretch your muscles. It is important that passengers be comfortably seated in order to enjoy the cruising or fishing experience. The most important components on the boat, with regard to seating comfort, are the quality, appearance, and comfort of the boat seats. Let’s face it, if you don’t have a comfortable place to sit, spending a long period of time in a pontoon boat can be a painful and eminently forgettable experience.

Imagine if the seats of the pontoon boat in which you are sailing are damaged and extremely hard. You would become quite uncomfortable in a very short period of time. If you sail in the same boat on a daily basis, damaged and hard seats can cause back problems which could trouble you in the future. Buying good pontoon boat seats is the simple cure for this major headache. You can easily find boat seats for reasonable prices almost anywhere. The issue of primary importance, however, is finding seats of excellent quality.

pontoon boat seats

New pontoon boat seats

Cheap pontoon boat seats may look good when new, but are usually of inferior quality and often fall apart quite easily. Of course, if you are handy, you can keep these seats in acceptable repair by re-stitching and repairing them, but in the long term, it would probably be prudent, and certainly more efficient to buy high quality pontoon boat seats from a dependable retailer in the first place. If you happen to know other boaters who also need new pontoon boat seats, you may be able to negotiate a discount with the dealer for buying in bulk. Even if you don’t know other potential customers, it never hurts to ask for a discount in any case.
Good quality pontoon boat seats at reasonable prices are also available online using the Internet. Most online retailers offer excellent discounts and occasional special prices. Ebay type auctions also offer good selections at excellent prices. Pontoon boat seats are available in several different materials including simple plastic seats, to wooden, metal or even plush leather seats. Boat seats are usually categorized by their design pattern. There are Attwood seats, bucket seats, fishing seats, leather back to back seats, pontoon seats, classic back to back seats, and jump seats. The list goes on. Most seats found in older boat are conventional cushions covered with plastic materials. If you can afford to go “high end”, deluxe pontoon boat seats may be for you. These seats are made of excellent quality materials, and are designed using heavy duty materials to be durable and to last a long time. Pontoon boat seats are available in a variety of colors and patterns. Some seats offer small storage areas under them. Top-of-the-line lounge type boat seats are hollow from the middle, enabling you to store smaller items including emergency kits and supplies.

Used pontoon boat seats

If you are working with a limited budget, you may want to consider purchasing used pontoon boat seats. These used seats are often reasonably priced, certainly much cheaper than their new equivalents. Again, as with new seats, the price will increase with the quality of the seats. With a little research on the web, you may be able to secure high quality seats for the price of brand new, but lower quality seats. When looking for used seats, don’t overlook friends or relatives who may be selling their old pontoon boat seats. Used pontoon boat seats are often readily available for sale at dealerships, boat shows, and boat parts dealers. Be a prudent shopper, and you could find yourself an excellent deal on some of the finest used pontoon boat seats.

Pontoon boat seat covers

If you have older pontoon boat seats that suffer in appearance, or if you have recently purchased new seats and wish to keep them looking good, you may wish to consider adding some pontoon boat seat covers. These covers, which are offered in a number of attractive colors and patterns, will help to keep your boat seats looking good. Vinyl covers are extremely durable and offer excellent water resistance. Pontoon boat seat covers are available in most standard sizes that fit almost all pontoon boat seats. Vinyl seat covers are provided with air vents to allow excellent air circulation to the seat. They also are mildew resistant, water resistant, and will not fade when exposed to direct sunlight. They also stand up well under extreme temperatures. Lounge boat seats can add a stylish look to your pontoon boat. They also provide exceptional passenger comfort. It is worth the expense to protect the elegant look of these lounge seats using a good quality seat cover. Special lounge boat seat covers are pre﷓shrunk to fit snugly onto the lounge seat. For the captain’s seat, a bucket style pontoon boat seat cover is ideal. They are manufactured from high quality materials and are virtually stain resistant. These seat covers, usually colored gray, are inexpensive and definitely improve and personalize your boat.

pontoon boat seats
Pontoon flip-flop boat seat covers offer custom fit for most standard pontoon boat seats. They are manufactured with an integrated shock cord to ensure a proper fit. These covers are extremely durable and will provide excellent performance for many years, helping to keep your pontoon boat seats fresh and new looking. These seat covers are easy to clean using detergent and warm water. Pontoon boat seat covers are easy to install and remove. They are well constructed, weatherproof, resist mildew, offer excellent UV protection, and are easily washable. Pontoon boat seat covers are readily available online. Most online stores provide free shipping. You can use these durable seat covers to protect your costly boat seats from harsh weather conditions. They come with elastic strap to give custom fit to any pontoon boat seats. These water repellent seat covers offer superior performance for multiple years. You can remove them easily, wash them and reinstall them quickly and effortlessly. You can therefore get relief from the problem of safeguarding your expensive boat seats.

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