What Is the Advantage of an Inflatable Pontoon Boat?

Whatever reason you’ve bought your inflatable pontoon whether it’s fishing or just going into areas which are generally inaccessible, the pontoon boat is the best option.

pontoon boat

Before you buy your inflatable pontoon boat there are a few considerations to take into account.

Ø The Frame – the frames can be made from either aluminum or steel but steel is the cheaper option, but it needs to be checked regularly for rust. If you choose an aluminum frame it will be resistant to corrosion but it is much lighter in weight. The aluminum is much higher priced.

Ø The Shell you need to know the thickness rating of the shell before you purchase it. The thicker the shell the more durable and puncture resistant it will be. It may be more expensive for a durable pontoon boat but they will last longer than a cheaper boat.

Ø The Size – choosing a larger pontoon boat will increase the price, however if you want a boat for fly fishing then it will be better to choose a larger pontoon boat. The larger the boat the higher it will be out of the water, allowing you to access more areas of the rivers or lakes. It also allows the oars to become more responsive.

Ø Bladders – consider which type of bladder to choose which are generally made from urethane or vinyl. Urethane is far more expensive but it is worth paying the extra for a tougher and lightweight option. Your pontoon boat will last a lot longer and you will not sacrifice performance by adding extra weight and your boat will be higher in the water.

Ø The Oars – the oars for a pontoon boat come in many different lengths. Using your boat in small rivers or streams would suggest that you use the shorter oars, but if you’re only going to use them a few times throughout the year, then buying oars which can be broken down for easier storage may be more suitable. The best oars to buy are the ones with large diameters, oarlocks and blades.

pontoon boat

As long as you purchase your inflatable pontoon boat from a reputable dealer you should not have any problems. Look for a dealer who offers either a trial period or a money back guarantee. Choosing a dealer who offers a warranty on your purchase is also a great idea.

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