What Type of Motor Should I Use for My Pontoon Boat?

Pontoon Boat Pontoon boats range from one-man light-weight pontoons to large party pontoon boats crammed with furniture, barbecues and lighting. Choosing the right motor is the most important decision you’ll make to add to your boat as they add propulsion to the boat. A popular choice is a pontoon boat motor powered by electricity which is driven through the water and uses several different technologies to propel the boat forward. An electric motor moves your boat silently across the water.

You can also get an electric pontoon boat motor that delivers 2 hp speeds, enabling your boat to easily handle strong winds. An electric motor is the most environmentally friendly of motors to use and it will move your boat silently throughout the waterways. Your pontoon boat will be fitted with an electronic choke that can be fixed on top of a binnacle or at the cockpit, and the choke lever is exceptionally responsive as it consists of forward, reverse and neutral positions. The motor is accessible with a key lockout concurrent battery gauge and trim switch.

You will find available online 40, 50 and 60 hp four stroke pontoon boat outboard motors and they include special features like improved shifting and styling. The shifting system is beneficial in providing more thrust and durability for your boat. This design requires only a little effort from the pontoon boat driver to shift it easily.

A pontoon boat trolling motor is another type of motor which helps propel your boat forward and safely. It has a quick release bracket; quiet battery power indicators and grip glide stow and deploy cool power.

Electric motors are by far the best choice for cruising around on your pontoon boat as they will perform far better than you expected and are extremely reliable even in strong winds. They are generally easy to maintain and will perform for a lot of years to come. They can be used in all kinds of weather conditions and the electric motors create an ideal pontoon boats for fishing, water sports or any type of family activity.

Pontoon Boat

Before you purchase your motor, check a couple of things before you do. Your motor must have enough horsepower to cruise along and then have enough backup to support you when the winds are high. It needs to be easy to operate and not complicated in any way and must be one that gives you the most efficient running time and needs less electricity to operate. The batteries in the motor should last for longer periods and the one thing you need to consider when you are buying a electric motor is how reliable it is. Dont forget to find out if it is also reliable on salt water.

To ensure that you are buying the right motor, go to a reputable dealer and ask them if they have a money back guarantee and/or a warranty.

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