Where to Find Pontoon Boat Lifts

You’ve enjoyed a day out cruising on the water with your family and friends on your favorite pontoon boat, your fridge or cooler is stacked with food and drinks, and your kids are having a ton of fun.

When the day is over, you must protect your boat from the water and the weather. Pontoon boats must be held above the water and this is one of the main accessories you need for your boat. Pontoon boat lifts are huge structures which are used for docking pontoon boats in areas where customary dry docks are unavailable or to prevent your boat from sitting in dirty or murky water.

Pontoon Boat Lifts

Boat lifts are configured in many different ways and it is important that you do your research before you decide to buy your pontoon boat lift. This way you are not being pressured into buying a lift which is not going to be useful for your application. Buying a pontoon lift is quite a huge investment so making the right decision is essential. Once you know what lift is right for you, the decision will be so much easier.

There are times when you will need to find a dry dock for your boat but will fail to find one, so this is when you need the use of a pontoon boat lift. Because pontoon boats are flat-bottomed boats, they do require a specialized boat lift to do the job. The pontoon boats are supported on two or three racks which are padded and often have a cover for the chair. They are fitted with adjustable legs which are set to different depths. Although some of the newer lifts are automatic and remote controlled the pontoon boats lifts are usually electronically operated.

When choosing pontoon boat lifts make sure that it can support the size and weight of your boat and they usually come in both narrow and wide-body capacities. Choose a lift that will contain your boat, allowing some clearance from the lift frames to the pontoons. Your pontoon boat lift should be able to withstand the high humidity which is in lakes and river areas and the frames should be waterproof and rustproof. The racks need to be thick as well as strong enough to cradle the heavy pontoons without sagging or cracking.Pontoon Boat Lifts

Because of the aging population, more pontoon boat owners are choosing to use motorized systems and the manual system is fast becoming a thing of the past. They are also being fitted with remote controls, AC chargers and solar power.

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